I have a horrible sleep schedule… or lack thereof, so sometimes when I can’t sleep, I get on the app “Tinder”. Tinder is an online dating app of sorts. It shows you a picture of someone with their first name, age, number of shared friends, and number of shared interests. At this point, you can click on the X or swipe left, meaning you don’t like them, or you can click on the or swipe right, meaning you are interested. If two people both swipe right, tinder matches you up and allows you to chat. It’s a clever app because you can only talk to with people who have shown mutual interest. Before swiping right or left, you can click on their picture to see up to four more pictures, their distance from you (in miles), last time they logged on, and which mutual friends and interests you have on facebook. You can edit your settings to show males and/or females, the search distance (1-100 miles), and age range (18-50+).

I am so amused by some of the people on there, but I have occasionally found cute, seemingly normal guys. When I stumble upon one of the “quality” odd ones, I sometimes will screenshot it and send it to one of my friends. I thought that this would be a nice platform to share some of the funny ones.

If you somehow stumble upon this blog and see your picture, feel honored! If you reaaaaally want me to take it down, let me know, and I will.




5 thoughts on “Tinder

  1. kissandspill October 8, 2013 / 11:25 pm

    I definitely don’t mind when a cute guy hits me up on there. It’s just funny to see who is on there. I totally agree though… low stakes + nice guys = I’m in! 🙂

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